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Sanjay Gandhi, an internationally known travel professional has seen and done just about everything from Arctic to Antarctica.
He started his career in the Travel Industry with Sparsh Adventures and progressively worked in various
organizations for about 15 years. He feels that his treasure of experience needs to be shared in his own way
through his company Ashvakalp Travels…
AshvaKalp Travels is Sanjay's vision which simply means...
"Wings to your dreams" and also dedicated to his Father late Mr. Ashwin Gandhi and Mrs. Kalpana Gandhi.
Sanjay is well known in his existing clientele for unusual selection of places, designing rather interesting and uncommon range of tours. While most of the tour operators offer run of the mill tours, he goes a few steps beyond and offers you a diverse mix of tours to choose from.
Fortunately his clientele are those who stand out from the crowd and demand in-depth, offbeat, personalized,
unseen and unheard experiences on tours to fulfill their travel wish-list. They push the limits of travel to enrich
their lives. In the process, they push him to create a different genre of travel… 'Travel Without Boundaries'…
Team AshvaKalp Travels, "WE CUSTOMIZE SO U DON'T COMPROMIZE" we understand how important your
holiday is to you & how much time, effort & planning goes into making the right choice. We believe your holiday
should be truly memorable experience, from making your first enquiry until you return home from the tour".